2020 Hope for the Holidays

Missionvale USA has set an aggressive goal to raise $25,000 from now through the end of the year.

In Missionvale township, South Africa, food is a constant concern every day of the year, and especially critical this year due to COVID-19 and extremely high unemployment rates. For the Missionvale Care Center, food is the most difficult commodity to raise money for, yet, it is the most basic necessity and critical for survival. 

Missionvale USA is committed to doing what we can to provide hope and make the very basic food staples available to the people.  Prior to COVID-19, Missionvale Care Center provided approximately 720 food parcels each week to the most needy families in the community. During COIVD, that number increased to 900 weekly food parcels. A food parcel consists of a can of fish, can of beans, maize meal, tea bags, sugar, and soap.

The Care Center also provided a half loaf of bread and a scoop of soup powder to on average 700 people per day. During COVID, that number increased to approximately 1,000 families receiving soup and bread each day.

Even though there are some sustainable programs in place offering alternative food sources, the need is very high during this pandemic. 

•          Children need food to be able to concentrate at school

•          The sick need food to be able to take their medicine

•          Everyone needs some sustenance to provide energy for daily living and chores