Nadia’s Week 4 Update from Missionvale

written by Nadia Thyberg

I’ve finished my last week at Missionvale Care Center and although I am very sad to leave, it gives me great joy to know that I have formed a lasting relationship with this organization. By being a member of the Board of Directors of Missionvale USA I will be able to help this community even when I cannot be present.

This week I started working on a project that could be of great benefit to the women and children there. In my last blog post, I mentioned that I did not notice much counseling at the Government-run Pediatric Clinic next door. I know it can be difficult when there are so many patients to see, but I am sure new mommies would appreciate advice on caring for their newborns. Thus, I got the idea of having a weekly Mommy-Baby support group where they can come spend time with other mothers and learn tips on how to raise a child during the zero to one year old stage. The talks would cover Feeding, Sleeping, Developmental Milestones, etc., and would be led by Community Health Workers. I am currently developing a curriculum that will be tailored to the culture of that community and doing so by working with the local care workers. I hope to have this done in the next couple of months so that they may begin to offer the support group soon.

I learned about two different gardening projects this week as well and had the privilege of meeting those involved. Frank works on the Environmental team and helps keep the campus clean. He noticed a perfect spot to plant a little garden and now has carrots, onions, cabbage, and many more vegetables growing. He now gives these to local people who are looking for a little extra food.


Frank, a member of the Environmental team at the Care Center, and his garden

In other gardening news, I found out that students in their last year of Agricultural studies at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University go to Missionvale to give eight months of service to the area by planting vegetables and teaching the local people how to garden. Through this partnership, they learn valuable skills while giving back to the community.

NMMU Agriculture Students

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University students teaching the people of Missionvale gardening skills.

Well, I hope you have all enjoyed my posts, and I appreciate your support for me and the Care Centre during this time. I pray that you have been inspired by reading about the work being done at Missionvale and that you too will get involved in enhancing the lives of those less fortunate. Thank you!



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