Trip to Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Written by Suzanne Manuel

We are so excited to share the story of a group of individuals (most are members of the Rotary Club of Coronado, California) traveling to Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  They will begin their journey on June 9 and spending a week volunteering in the townships on a variety of projects.  They will be spending most of their time at the Missionvale Care Center in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

A huge thank you goes out to Dan Gensler, a member of the Missionvale USA Board of Directors and highly involved in the Rotary Club of Coronado, for organizing this trip. Another special thank you to Suzanne Manuel who has volunteered to share the trip with everyone and will blog about the experience of the group.  Below is a photo of Suzanne and Mary and Bob Griffin during their visit in May 2010.

“My first trip to Missionvale, May 2010. Mary & Bob are passing out small toys and the children were thrilled to receive them. The children were so beautiful and so interested in the “Americans”; they followed us everywhere! I was thinking of my own grandchildren and how every parent just wants the best for their children….and every child deserves that.”


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