Visit to Missionvale Care Center

Written by Suzanne Manual

We arrived at the Missionvale Care Center to a warm South African welcome, complete with songs, flag waving and smiles.  Seeing Sister Ethel and getting a big hug was the highlight of the day!  We have missed the little “Irish Angel of Missionvale.”

It was a full day of fitting TOMS shoes in each classroom, gardening, working in the nutrition, clothing & “Father Christmas” centers, playing with the children at recess, wrapping food parcels and making 200 peanut butter sandwiches!

Our young volunteers enjoyed interacting with the students at recess.

George Bailey refereed boys soccer and enjoyed that when the boys “agreed” with his calls, which wasn’t all that often!

Brooke Gensler was happy to see Sister Ethel and was thankful when she just happened upon a beautiful song & prayer service in the African tradition of harmony and dancing.  At the end, we all held hands and joined the group in prayer.  Powerful….

Molly Lancaster and Noni Jones enjoyed playing with the young students, who were very interested in Molly & Noni’s phones and pictures.  And all of the girls had their long blond hair touched many, many times.

We all worked hard today; another good Rotary day in South Africa!

Rotarians meet Sister Ethel and begin their day at Missionvale.

Group with Sr. Ethel

Carol Sommer and her new friend

Carol Somer

Jill Olen and friends

Jill Olen

Brooke Gensler having her hair done…..again…and again

Brooke Gensler

Suzanne and her new friends play at recess

Suzanne Manuel


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