2016 Sponsor a Classroom

Many kids in the United States are preparing for the start of their next school year. A majority of the kids in Missionvale township are not so fortunate as they must pay for their schooling in South Africa and most cannot afford it. Education was one of Sister Ethel’s main focuses from the very beginning – providing them an opportunity of education would provide them an opportunity at life. The Care Center now runs and finances an elementary school, grades K through 7, with no governmental assistance what so ever. Each year they must find the funds to continue the school.

Missionvale USA has set a goal to raise $11,000 to sponsor one classroom at Missionvale Care Center Academy for the upcoming year. We recently received a $2,500 grant from Looking Out Foundation to get us started towards our goal. We also have a very generous donor who has offered to match every dollar raised (up to $10,000). If you donate $100, $200 will go toward the Sponsor a Classroom campaign!

This campaign will run August 1st through September 30th. Please think about the difference you could make in a child’s life and make a donation now.

For a contribution of $75,

You will provide one student access to the stationary and books for the entire year.

For a contribution of $130,

You will provide lunch for 30 students for one month.

For a contribution of $500,

You will pay the salary of the schoolteacher for one month.

For a monthly contribution of $65,

Each month you make this donation, it will cover the cost of a school breakfast and lunch for one child for the entire year.