Together Wee-Can

MV Outhouses

One of the daily activities we don’t think twice about is where we are going to go to the bathroom. We almost always have readily available bathrooms with running water. The people of Missionvale do not have access to sanitary toilet facilities due to the lack of sewerage infrastructure. As pictured above, they rely on self-made shelters and the bucket system (a bucket is used within the shelter as the toilet, and every so often, the municipality collects the waste and supplies a clean bucket).

Wee-Can tripicBen Worthington, Missionvale USA Board member, has been working with Amfi Craft, a company in Port Elizabeth, South Africa who has designed and manufactured the Wee-Can. The Wee-Can provides a safer, more robust and hygienic alternative to their self-built outhouses. There are many additional benefits to the Wee-Can including: safe for small children (will not fall into hole), portable, easy to assemble, resistant to theft (materials have no street value), will create employment opportunity to produce and install units, and improve individual and community moral. Amfi Craft has already donated one unit to Missionvale Care Center.

Missionvale USA hopes to raise enough funds to supply the Care Center with three more units and then place some in the community. The cost of each unit for production, delivery and installation is $350. 

Help provide Missionvale Care Center and the community with some Wee-Cans and bring much needed dignity and respect to the community.