Sponsor a Classroom

Sponsor a Classroom Campaign

September 1-30, 2021

The Missionvale Care Center operates an elementary school (grades Kindergarten through seven) free of charge and with no government assistance for the disadvantaged youth that live within the Township. Tuition is required for children to attend the government-run schools, which is an impossible prospect for the people of Missionvale when they don’t even know where their child’s next meal will come from.

Our goal is to secure funding to sponsor 2 teacher salaries for the 2022 school year that runs January 2022 – December 2022. This will provide approximately 60 disadvantaged children the opportunity to receive an education free of charge; a safe, healthy environment in which to learn; two meals a day improving their ability to concentrate “You can’t learn on an empty stomach.”; and a place where they can develop a sense of hope and confidence.


Goal = $20,000