Logo Symbolism

Our Logo

The Missionvale USA logo incorporates many important ideas that are the foundation of the Missionvale Care Center, South Africa.

The tree is a replica of the original tree where Sister Ethel began helping the people of Missionvale township. It was under this tree where she first began teaching the young children their ABCs and held adult prayer groups. From the humble beginnings under the shade of this tree, a full Care Center has now been built offering the people a holistic approach to a sustainable future and independent life.

The hands forming a heart are taken from the traditional Irish symbol of the Claddagh ring, in which the hands represent friendship and the heart represents love. This is also part of the Missionvale Care Center’s logo. The placement of the hands and heart are seen as the roots of the tree symbolizing their strength and foundation. They also serve as a reminder of Sister Ethel’s conviction that all people must be treated with great personal dignity and that all things related to the Missionvale Care Center must begin with love.

Subtly placed in the upper left corner of the leaves is the outline of the continent of Africa as a way to represent our connection and commitment to this beloved land and its people.