Our Mission

Missionvale USA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for the poor and underprivileged of South Africa. This organization supports the efforts of the Missionvale Care Center in Port Elizabeth, South Africa to provide hope and a positive future through sustainable programs focused on education, nutrition, healthcare, skills development, and shelter.

Bucks for Hugs Challenge

August 2023

Missionvale Care Center has challenged us! Sabrina, Manager at Missionvale Care Center, has challenged Sue Rehmus, Missionvale USA Co-founder, to participate in the Bucks for Hugs Campaign. For every hug Sue gives, Sue will donate $10 to Missionvale USA.  

Then Sue will challenge others to go and spread love by giving hugs, sharing the story of Missionvale, and making a donation.

You can also share the love by sponsoring HUGS. Simply make a donation and a hug will be given to someone in Missionvale.

Every hug counts!




The Tree

Where Sister Ethel began the Missionvale Care Center in 1988


Education is the key to their future


The Nutrition Unit provides basic daily sustenance

Health Care

The Care Center approaches health care in a holistic way

Our Causes

The need is so great in the Missionvale Township. Missionvale USA has focused its efforts around fundraising for the most fundamental and critical needs of education, nutrition, and health care.

While our fundraising campaigns center within these categories, we also work hard to secure general funding that the Care Center can use to operate any of their programs and services and meet the needs of the people.

Current Campaigns

Contribute to Creating a Better Future

Bucks for Hugs

Spread love by giving hugs, sharing the story of Missionvale, and making a donation.

Kickoff August 26, 2023


Goal = $5,000 Raised = $3,394

General Contributions

Support any of the Care Center’s programs and services.

January – December 2023



Goal = $25,000 Raised $15,147

From the Care Center

“Dear Dear Friends, I owe you so much. I would like to thank each one of you from my heart’s core for all you mean to me and have done. With open arms, I love every one of you and I ask God each day to bless you to your journey’s end.”

Sister Ethel Normoyle

Founder (In Memory 1944-2021)

“To every donor who has contributed via Missionvale USA – thank you for entrusting your funds to us. Every cent is stretched to its maximum capacity, and directly impacts a life here in Missinovale.

Thank you for remembering the people here. Every day we take time to remember you also. Some we know by name, and some of you we have not met, but you are in our hearts and committed in our thanksgiving prayers always.”

Linda van Oudheusden

Marketing Manager

“Your donations, for me, make you like our angels on our road forward because every donation that is sent to the Care Center is making everything so much easier for us. So thank you very, very much for your donations and the beautiful things you are doing to help the Care Center.

May God bless you ALL.”

Rachel Jacobs

Care Center Staff